/ by Whitney Hayward

Sometimes I feel that posts like this are self involved. Set to the tune of "here was my summer guyz doesnt it look awesum?" 

I graduated in May, and there's was this sticky cloud filled with voices whispering, "what now?" which I'm certain follows everyone without a permanent job in place. This was the first summer since 2009 where I didn't have a plan. No job. No trajectory or goal, other than hoping to pay my rent. I never thought I was a human who needed structure, or felt comfort by its presence. But I do, and did. Luckily, a pet store took a chance on me, and payed me well enough so that I could pay most of my bills. But there were weeks where if I hadn't donated plasma, I wouldn't have been able to buy groceries. But I got by. I had food in my belly, and a house over my head; there's genuinely nothing else I truly needed. I knew I had the support of loved ones around me, who wouldn't hesitate to help me out financially if I needed it. But I didn't want to need it. This was the scariest summer of my life, and also the absolute best. 

I learned how to skate. I learned that a customer will legitimately ask you if you sell Komodo Dragons. I learned that nothing really matters, other than people who fucking care about you.

It was a good summer.