/ by Whitney Hayward

Madawaska, Maine. 

Things have changed in my life, and I realize I rarely take to a blog to talk about them. I'm a full time staffer at the Portland Press Herald. I've moved from Old Orchard Beach, where Andrew and I were inhabiting a winter rental shoebox. That shoebox was right next to be beach though, which made it a pretty good shoebox. We packed up my collation of moon snail shells I've hoarded (for any shell conservation warriors out there, don't worry-from what I've read their population numbers and insatiable appetite for clams means no one will miss a few of their houses) and our clothes, and are now settled into a place closer to Portland.

I'm also finishing a portrait project on paper mill workers, (the contact sheet strip are a few outtakes) which is why this space has been fairly neglected and bare lately. Before Instagram, I had no idea I liked making square photos, and this is the first time I've explored that interest in the context of real work. 

Finally, I'm trying to learn french, fighting a lifetime of belief that learning the language in Missouri was largely impractical (turning then to study Japanese in college, a language that is obviously so much more practical). 

Life, and stuff. #update.