/ by Whitney Hayward

I’ve already shown this image once, but it’s the select I’m turning in for my Advanced Lighting course, so I need to blog about it with the lighting diagram. 

This looks like fill flash, and it kind of is. It’s really bounced flash, but it doesn’t look like it because I didn’t use the ceiling. I decided to use a pillowcase draped across a chair to bounce my light instead. This ended up looking much more natural and not so obviously “look at me I thermonuclear radiated some light up top and now everyone is in correct exposure but they all look super strange!" 

I really don’t like bounced ceiling flash. Too many wedding receptions where that was the only option.

Anyway, I took my strobe and aimed it about a foot away from the pillow case. Closer than that, and I ended up getting a harsh light that looked like direct flash rather than bounced.

Also, I’m lucky Lacy is such an emotive dog. Dem eyes.