/ by Whitney Hayward

Last week I went to Douglass High school to talk with the guidance counselor about the school’s upcoming prom. The school hasn’t had a prom in 7 years, and I wanted to stick with a student for the night, from the getting ready process to the end.

She gave me a name of a student she thought would be a good fit-her name was Carlee, and Carlee “got along with just about everyone." 

I was photographing Carlee getting her hair straightened while Haley got into her prom dress. She tiptoed up to the doorway and stood in the opening with a hand on her hip, waiting for her girlfriend to notice. 

"You look so unbelievably beautiful."

Carlee and Haley care very deeply for each other. I’m lucky that I get to meet people like these two and I get to call it “work."