A week before Mother's Day, MU photojournalism professor David Rees let the Missourian photo department know he had a student working on a compelling photo story, and wondered if I would be interested in taking a look at the images for publication. The Missourian didn't have a photo-centric package planned to run over the holiday, and I was thrilled to be presented with something that offered a more complex, less surface view of modern motherhood. Jenny Justus began photographing Carmen and Mike Beck the day their twins were born at 25 weeks, more than three months premature. Jenny cared for Carmen and Mike so deeply; she had been there from day one in the hospital, to the eventual transition home. Working with Jenny to create a multimedia package we were both happy with, while also pushing her to pay attention to audio and whittling the number of images down into a concise story, was one of the most rewarding challenges during my time at the Missourian.