/ by Whitney Hayward

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This week was one of the most intensive journalistic experiences of my life, and it was great, but so incredibly challenging. Kaci Hickox returned to Fort Kent, Maine after a period interned in mandatory quarantine in Newark, and a media swarm followed her. Hickox, despite testing negative for Ebola and remaining largely asymptomatic, was kept in a glorified tent in a New Jersey airport upon return from Sierra Leone. This sort of thing is so tough, because when she returned to Fort Kent (a very small town near the Canadian border) residents were panicked that she would try and immedaitely reintegrate herself within the town's population, despite being within the 21 day window where she could potentially become symptomatic, and contagious, for Ebola. What ensued was a week-long legal affair between Hickox and the state of Maine, to figure out a compromise between confining Hickox to her house to 'quell' the fear of community members, and allowing her live her life as a human being, as a citizen of the United States with granted civil liberties. These are the images I made while staying in Fort Kent for the Press Herald, staking out Hickox's house to see how the state would enforce a quarantine, and see whether they truly had the legal right to do so. I also made images of the town, to show our readers how residents of the town felt, and how they were responding to Hickox's return. It was an incredibly intense, exhausting week-but it was good. 

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